Friday Morning Pages: Practice by Retyping

You’re a reader. Go find your favorite books, and see for yourself what those authors did to pull you into their books. There’s a thousand techniques to pull readers in, you’ll discover some of those techniques when you analyze the books that pull you in. But there’s a trick to analyzing this stuff. You can’t just read, and you can’t just write your own stories. Do both, for sure. You need to also study.

Friday Morning Pages: Getting Started with Practice

Mystery writer John D. McDonald has a famous quote (paraphrasing a bit): You have a million words of crap in you before you can write a publishable novel. The more stories I write, the more I see how true this is. When I first started, I couldn’t plot my way out of a paper bag. I knew jack about character development. I had no grasp of voice, or setting, or pacing. Don’t tell the younger-me any of that.

January Review

Overall, January 2017 was a decent month for me. Not extraordinary, but I'm improving as a writer and becoming more productive. Took me about a week to realize it was a new year and put aside all the weirdness of 2016. Once I regained focus, I mostly worked on finishing projects left over from last year.