Being a were-cat’s ex-lover is hard, but one must make do with a magic flute and a ball of yarn.

Hiding under the china hutch, she tries her best to ignore him. Her body is tormented by her shape-changing, and her heart tormented by their changing relationship. But the man she once loved has a final kindness to offer.


“Ball of Yarn” is a preview of the first volume of my short story collection, “Thousand-one Devil”. This story first appeared on my LiveJournal blog, had some minor edits, and is now available for free at Smashwords.

Unlike my first attempt at publishing at Smashwords, “Ball of Yarn” has no formatting issues, and works in all formats. “Black Wednesday”, despite all its flaws, will remain the way it is. Mostly because it’s free, and because I’m tired of messing with it, and publishing it was more of a confidence-builder than anything else: if I can let the whole world see this train-wreck of a story, I can do anything!

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