Script Frenzy is over and Lynn and I are victorious. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

And now time to move on to the next project, namely Story-a-Day at Forward Motion. The challenge: write as many stories as possible in May. Years past I’ve done ten stories or fifteen stories. This year I’m going all out and penning 31 stories this month. Yeppers, I’m weird and maybe a little bit crazy, or demented as the case may be, but this year I feel it. Or I feel something, and I think the something is 31 stories in my veins. Or maybe that’s just my blood…

Why am I undertaking this colossal task? Mostly so I can have a collection of stories to sell next month.

How is this possible? Umm…

I’ve discovered the secret to time travel, and have bent time to my whims. I can now theoretically travel backwards each day, write my story and edit it the day before, all in the comfort of my pajamas. Sometimes it even works. Think of the possibilities, the ways in which world domination is now possible, and the sheer awesomeness. Never again will I miss the PBS Newshour because I was busy writing a story, or not write a story because I was busy playing a game.

YouTube provides a similar function, in that I can see great performances I was unable to see firsthand.

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