I’ve spent the last few months figuring out what to do with my blog on this website and the old blog on LiveJournal. I love the LJ blog, though I’m not happy with some of the things I’ve written on there, but the words are still mine and I wish to preserve them and continue writing on that platform. While looking over my profile, I rediscovered what I was trying to accomplish on LJ:

This blog is essentially a diary of my writing journey. Here, I delve into my experiences as a writer, and as a man. I discuss the books I’ve read in my review and marginalia essays. I discuss things I’ve discovered about writing craft and what it means to be an artist. Occasionally I talk about my personal demons, specifically how they affect my writing.

I began Musings & Mythos as a place to discuss (and promote) my work, and it turned into a journal of my experiences learning the writing craft. It is a journal for writers and writer’s issues. Holly Lisle uses the phrase “paying forward”, which means (my words, not hers) helping others row down the stream while you yourself navigate the same waters. That is, learning by teaching others. I will continue this kind of work on LJ with essays on craft, things I’ve learned about my own work, and occasional marginalia essays.

The blog you are looking at is meant for readers, not writers. (Although, there’s a grey line and plenty of crossover.) Primarily this blog will be for updates on stories in progress (Motherly Goats), impromptu short stories, and the Merry-Go-Round essays.

That said, I’m pleased to announce two new blog series – one for each platform.

I’ve already posted two entries for Tales from the Square, a mini-series of flash fiction written impromptu mostly from prompts and with little editing. Each segment will be written on Wednesday night during my writer’s group get-together at Baker’s Square (the group currently consists of me, Mary, and Lynn). I have no concrete or long-term plans for this series. The current story involves a professional thief who causes in a space-time continuum warp, possibly caused by unicorn magic, and now runs for her life while trying to put the universe back to normal. I have no clue how this will end, who the character really is, what kind of world she lives in, or even if the story is any good, and I’m not planning any of it in between writing sessions. This purely a shits’n’giggles exercise meant for fun and hopefully is also entertaining.

On LJ I am starting a series called The Road Less Blocked, my take and struggles with writer’s block. I hope to share insights and experiences on this horrible condition that afflicts writers, and share the things I have learned while in my own blocks. I have nothing really planned for this series – it will be an organic and, I hope, weekly series and discussion. And, I admit, this series is also a way for me to work through my own problems with writer’s block.

Until then, many blessings…

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