On a cold, dreary day you turn off the TV and lay on a pillow on your sofa. Wrapped in a blanket, you turn on your e-reader and scroll through the available books you have. You shiver at the thought of buying another teenage vampire knock-off, and you have little patience for books that don’t tell stories. Rain pelts on the windows, leaving streak marks across the glass. The traffic outside is loud, but you’ve tuned it out, just like you tuned out the fact that you have to go to work tomorrow.

In the circle of the fluorescent lamp, you are content to look for new adventure and new places to explore. You are eager to meet the characters of the next book you read, you hope they are people you can enjoy spending time with. In your e-reader, you find a book by D. Anthony Brown you’ve meant to read for awhile, but haven’t because you have a long reading list. You bought this book on a whim, mostly because you like indie authors. But also because, from his blog, you get the sense Mr. Brown is funny and charming, even though he may have a slightly inflated ego.

You wonder if this book is anything like Simon R. Green’s Nightside- dark, loathsome, but with large doses of gothic humor. You hope this book is like Elizabeth Bear’s work- intellectual, with broken characters in broken worlds. Above all, you hope Mr. Brown uses his own voice to tell this story. That is what you look for in indie authors: unique voices, with stories that can never be told in the same exact way by anyone else.

You snuggle deeper into the pillow with the e-reader in your lap, your eyes half closed as you open the book. You’re prepared to be disappointed, having bought books that didn’t live up to your expectations. But you’re an avid reader, and a smart one at that.

You begin reading, yearning to be told a story. You want to be amazed, astounded, and pulled out of the comfortable place you sit to a world that is not so comfortable.


Originally published January 11, 2012 on Musings & Mythos for the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour.

2 thoughts on “you, the ideal reader

    1. Where did I misplace the sign up sheet? Hmmm… crap, not again! I have a short story collection to be released as an e-book soon (Paladin & Other Weird Stories), and another one about a month after that (untitled atm).

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