Those of you who are following my Tales from the Square blog series (all two of my followers, as of this writing) are probably wondering where the hell I’m going with this story. Trust me, you’re not alone. I’m wondering the same thing too. Originally, TftS was going to be collected into an anthology of maybe three to five 5k word stories all centered around the same characters. As of tonight, the first story has reached the 5k word mark, and I don’t feel like it’s anywhere near completion.

I unconsciously gave the main character (Brin) the same name as one of the characters in my first National Novel Writing Month story. Both characters happen to be thieves, liars, running from authority, and are now the same person. This works out well, since I’ve been itching to rewrite that story but didn’t have a real direction to go with it. And the part of the story prompt in my writers’ group tonight was tinker… and the more think I think on it, the more interesting another character from that original story becomes.

Now the transvestite muse is telling me to finish this episode of TftS so I can edit and publish the final product before NaNoWriMo. I’m thinking 10-20k words (novella length, give or take) with an upcoming sequel based on my crappy first novel. Only problem is timing – I’m cutting myself a little short to finish this sucker before November. Exciting times…

Next installment is called “Tinker”. About half of it is written at the moment. I look forward to writing the other half, because I get to revisit (and re-invent!) a character who makes me smile.

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