This is my first day of the challenge I mentioned in the previous post. Namely, I am copying some of my favorite novels as practice in writing. Doing this I hope helps me strengthen my writing habits by putting me in the chair and typing, as opposed to staring at the blank screen.

The first novel I’m copying is StarCraft: Speed of Darkness, by Tracy Hickman. By my estimate, it’s about 50,000 words long (~200 pages). My method: I have the book opened on my Kindle and set a timer for 45 minutes. Once the timer is up, I finish the paragraph I’m on and take a break. Repeat, etc.

I’m pretending I’m writing the book to a tight deadline, which happens to be April 2 (about ten days from now).

I started typing at around 3 p.m. and did three sessions of 1600, 900, and 1100 words. After this I took a break to watch the news and eat, then did a long session of 2200 words, for a total near 6000.

Day 1:

Words: 5,931

Hours: 4

Chapters: 1 and 2

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