I don’t always agree with Mark Coker, but this essay gets two thumbs up from me. His manifesto nails the indie mindset perfectly. I’ve been busy the last few weeks between writing new material, designing covers, and formatting. The money is only a slow trickle right now, but I couldn’t be happier. Seriously, I have the best fucking job in the world.

And check out the infographic, courtesy of Derek Murphy and Coker:

indiemanifestoposter1 corrected 1000

3 thoughts on “Mark Coker’s Indie Author Manifesto

  1. Dear Anthony Brown,

    Is this the same Anthony Brown who won a NYFA fellowship in Fiction in 1998? If so Hello! This year NYFA’s fellowship program turns 30 and as part of that milestone we want to invite all former fellows to attend various events. We don’t have an email address for you on file and I wanted to be sure this is the correct Anthony Brown before I send you anything.

    and if not I’m sorry to have bothered you…

    Madeline Scholl

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