NanoBook_CoverFINALWriting Is Not Work:

On Finding Your Voice With Creative Writing

Every November, writers around the globe participate in National Novel Writing Month, the yearly challenge to complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

The experience and thrill of fast paced novel writing is both amazing fun and daunting at the same time. But in the exhilarating mad dash to the finish line, it’s often easy to forget the reason for writing a novel in the first place: to tell fun stories.

How do you progress from typist to storyteller? How do you create books that are original and fun to write?

From his unique perspective and experience with National Novel Writing Month, speculative fiction writer D. Anthony Brown explains how to find your voice in fiction writing. He explains what voice is, how fears and “critical voice” can stop writers cold, and the importance of attitude in storytelling.

Fiction writing does not have to be a grind, like a day job or a chore. Writing can, and should, be fun both in November and year-round!


The book and edits are done. Cover design is finished (fingers crossed CreateSpace doesn’t reject it). Currently finalizing the interior design and final formatting issues. With luck, all the files will be uploaded to the distributors by end of the week!

The trade paperback will be $10.99, the e-book $4.99. Best of all, the entire book will be available on my blog for free, beginning September 15 until the first week of December.

That’s right… my book about finding your voice during NaNoWriMo will be available for free during NaNoWriMo. I’ll be posting a chapter a day starting September 15. Enjoy!

Cover image: Elena Vasilchenko/Dreamstime

Cover design: David Brown/Hermit Muse Publishing

Disclaimer: The contents of this book has not been reviewed by National Novel Writing Month. “National Novel Writing Month” and “NaNoWriMo” are trademarks of the Office of Letters and Light.

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