Devs_EBOOK_v2In Albion’s Trial—an MMO game where players plug their brains directly into the server—members of the Rabid Squirrels Guild work together as friends to find the best loot, defeat the toughest monsters, and brave the darkest dungeons.

At the Phoenix Dive, Riseera meets her guildies at the worst possible time. During a lag spike.

To escape the lag, the Rabid Squirrels accept a quest from a nose-picking bartender.

But Riseera’s memory of the quest does not prepare her or the guild for the adventure to come.

The game has just begun.


Now available in trade paperback and e-book at many retailers. Beginning today, I’ll also make the book free to read in its entirety on Wattpad for a limited time (about a month or so).

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