Thought I’d do this once a month, at least for the next year, as a way to check in with myself and track my progress. I keep a pen-and-paper notebook of what I do every day, including daily word counts and which projects I work on. So that’s where all my numbers below are from.

Overall, January 2017 was a decent month for me. Not extraordinary, but I’m improving as a writer and becoming more productive. Took me about a week to realize it was a new year and put aside all the weirdness of 2016. Once I regained focus, I mostly worked on finishing projects left over from last year.

Here’s the breakdown:

Journal: 16,200 words

Non-fiction: 7,100 words

Fiction: 20,800 words

In total I wrote 44,100 words, and averaged about 1,423 words per day. Compared to December, this is an improvement… in December I counted 31,200 words total, with an average of a little over 1,000 words per day. January 31, 2017 was day 602 of writing every day in a row.

I worked on some fantasy stories during January, but all of my completed stories for the month were for my erotica line.


1 novella:

Pins and Racks

4 short stories:

What Happens in the Copy Room

Paint by the Numbers


Where Ideas Come From


On one hand, I’m pleased with my start to the year. I have no clear record of my word counts in January 2016, but my gut sense is I didn’t do half of what I did this year. On the other hand, I’m somewhat disappointed. I made a last minute push to reach 50,000 words, and didn’t quite make it. What happened is when I finished Pins and Racks, I went “oh screw it” and puttered about without the same every day push. But I still wrote every day, and still finished a few projects in the last week.

For February, I want to increase my daily output. I’d like to be closer to 2,500 words per day, which was my rate when finishing Pins and Racks. If I do that, I could get 70,000 words in for the month. That’s a stretch goal is there ever was one, no clue if I’ll make it that far. But that’s the point of goals, to stretch and challenge.

Happy February! Onwards…

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