April didn’t turn out at all how I planned it. I sense a pattern here. But I made progress, no matter how small. Here’s the break down:

MTD: 22,200 words (average MTD: 740 words/day)

YTD: 109,000 words (average YTD: 908 words/day)

Fiction: 14,200 words

Non-fiction: 0

Journal: 8,000

Most of my fiction this month was a novella that’s about at the halfway point. I think I know why it stalled. The book is finishable, if I only open the document and continue with it. My one finished work was a short story titled To the Last Drop. I also started another short story that I finished on May 2, with the working title Shadow of Doubt (it’s really done, but no “appropriate” title comes to mind).

A lesson I relearned over the last month… I actually function better in the morning, and often if I write some fiction before moving on to the rest of my day, I’ll continue with more fiction later at night. So I started setting my alarm for a few minutes before 8 AM. I listen to a couple songs, pidder about and drink three cups of coffee, then write a few pages.

Done this for a week or so now. My goal for May is to write between 700 and 1500 words in the morning, before I go off and start the rest of my day. So far, on May 2, I’ve hit the minimum.

I also want to write more than I did last month. Hitting 40,000 words should be doable if I hit my morning goals. There’s a five day (or so) trip I’m taking smack in the middle of the month that can maybe derail this. I’m aware of it, and awareness is half the battle to working around it. In the past, I’ve done well at writing on the road, I don’t see this trip as an exception.

I’m also debating the future direction of this blog. I have material for plenty more Friday posts, just haven’t used them yet. I’ll probably put them up, regardless of what I decide to do with the blog.


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