Okay month. Not spectacular, but not bad. And oddly my most productive time was while traveling, so go figure. Wrote and completed a story every day while on the road. In total, nine story completions on the month, plus an essay. Here’s the breakdown.

MTD 31,800 words (average 1025 per day)

YTD 140,800 (average 932 per day)

Fiction 21,600

Non-fiction 1200

Journal 9000

And the stories completed, and yes they’ll all be published:

Shadow of Doubt

Speed Dating Night

Femme Phobia

The Redheaded Mail Lady

Hotel Siren

No Shame in the Jacuzzi

The Birthday Ring

Mix Up at the Coffee House

The Lost Beauty of the Rest Stop

Other things I did… Took a workshop on team structures in fiction, studied branding, took a class on science fiction history, had a seven week streak of going to the gym.

June will be a clean start, with a new story this morning. I want to do over 40,000 words total this month. Onwards…

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