First week of the cover design study in the bag. Only a gazillion more covers to study. Basically, I’m searching for cover art designs on books, and asking the following questions:

1. Title, author, genre?

2. Describe the cover images. What do they convey? Note any photo-editing techniques and special effects. Note number of objects, and which way objects face.

3. Describe the fonts used. Size? Serif/sans-serif? If possible, figure out the specific font name.

4. How many elements? (e.g. author name, title, series name, bestseller status, etc.)

5. Does the cover properly convey the intended genre?


Not real what to think yet. Honestly, I feel a bit overwhelmed now that I’m knee-deep into this. I realize now I’m nowhere near as far along in the learning as I thought I was. Can’t say I’m seeing patterns or anything.

Wish I’d spent more time before diving in, figuring out how to find Amazon’s bestseller lists. It’s not the way I remember it. I’ll probably spend a week or so studying NYT bestsellers, because it’s a more obvious list. But I’m not seeing the breakdown of bestsellers by category.

Searching for “<genre> bestsellers 2017” is good enough for now. However, the top results are a bit surprising. Some of the titles I don’t think are bestsellers, in the sense that they’re top performing books that are widely read. Some of the books I chose had publications dates of a few years ago. And I purposely chose some covers that were dated so I could try to explain why they seemed dated.

I might have to refine the questions I ask. Not sure how yet. I’ll figure that out.

Here are the book covers I studied this last week:

1. All Systems Red, Martha Well

2. The Black Witch, Laurie Forest

3. The Den of Iniquity, Anabelle Bryant

4. Jewels and Panties (Book, One): Sex Prescribed. Brooke Kinsley

5. Sister Sister, Sue Fortin

6. SpaceMan: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller, Tom Abrahams

7. The Sorcerer’s Ring, Julius St. Clair

8. Falling Into You, Jasinda Wilder

9. Playing for Keeps, R. L. Mathewson

10. Strangers, Paul Finch

11. Time Trap, Micah Caida

12. The Queen’s Poisoner, Jeff Wheeler

13. Suddenly One Summer, Julie James

14. Lucius the Fallen, Tara S. Wood and Lorecia Goings

15. Cold Earth, Ann Cleeves

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