after a long damn hiatus

But not really.

To date, I have give-or-take 60 publications floating around out there, though mostly under a different pen-name. So I never took a hiatus from writing, at least not of the permanent kind. I’ve just been busy writing and publishing erotica for the last four years or so.

And now the time feels right to write science fiction and fantasy again, and develop two pen-names at the same time. A little crazy? Perhaps.

I went through the older posts on this blog, deleting out the older crap, especially the stories and articles that I’ve published elsewhere and have copies of. I also got rid of the posts that no longer have relevance to my current attitudes and life. I won’t miss them. For now, I’ve left up the flash fiction and some of the craft posts I’ve done over the years, though not sure if those will stay up indefinitely.

Interesting to see how my attitude has changed over the years and how I’ve gone from fledgling wannabe to where I am now. I could see some of the shifts in my thinking in the posts, where I started on Heinlein’s rules and adopted the concept of practice with writing.

So far, I’ve written 1,395 days in a row beginning in June 2015. From November 2017 to March 2, 2019, I had a streak of 460 days of writing fiction every day. I purposely broke that streak to give myself a reset.

On reset day–March 24–I fired up a novel I’m calling “The Ghost, the Vampire, and the Jock.” Seems like a Rashomon story, but it’s still in the early stages. No clue where the book will go. So far, I’ve only written bits and pieces of it at a time, a few hundred words a day or so.

I’ve got a Geraldine Montess novel in the early stages too. Because I’m scatter-brained like that.

And then various erotica projects in various stages, from “still writing” to “needs publication.”

Starting April 14, I’m diving into a new challenge: write a short story every week. More on that as I get closer.

Fun times…

By David Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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