sure why not?

This is how streaks go for me. I sucker myself into going for a week. Then if I went for seven days, why not make it an even ten? If I can do a ten day streak of something, why not twenty? And it goes on from there….

I’m not real hung up about having a streak of posting on my blog every day, but why not?

If you don’t read Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog, and you want to be a writer, you should be. Her Business Musings post this week on fun is worth reading.

Added 200 words last night to “The Ghost, the Vampire, and the Jock.” This novel needs a better title. Until I come up with something, that’s the awkward title it’s stuck with. I’ll pick up the pace on writing it eventually. When I’m further along, a new title will pop into my head, I’m sure.

And on Sunday I plan to start the short story challenge–one story a week. Eventually I’ll do a free weekly story on the blog as well, similar to what I’ve done in the past on my erotica blog. But that probably won’t happen for another year. I plan to mail out the fantasy and science fiction short stories to magazines before publishing them myself.

By David Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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