Two new short story collections

Published two new short story collections this week. Both are full of older stories from early in my career, many of those stories never before published. The Ballad of Pigeon Lewd contains the full collection Paladin & Other Weird Tales that I published in 2012, plus the Endless Gateways stories from around 2014.

Another “new” novel

Publishing another novel today and probably over some of the weekend. I wrote “Vox Banjo” in 2011 and then never did anything with it besides a half-assed attempt at a rewrite. Now, almost a full decade later the book is published, warts and all. Psychic private detective Vicki Meyers investigates the most difficult, twisted cases.…… Continue reading Another “new” novel

another guinea pig photo

This time of Walter. He died this January. Still miss the old man. And no, I didn’t name him. This photo is from this time in 2017, during his prime. And with that, I have posted something every day for two weeks.

guinea pig photos

Nothing much to say. So instead of saying something, I’m posting guinea pig photos. On the left is Chloe. She loves hay and when she’s not hiding, she spends her days rumble strutting and chasing her room mate about. The rascal on the right is Zoey. She’s a cuddle-bug until she isn’t, which is when…… Continue reading guinea pig photos

off to a slow start

Just posting to keep this streak alive. The short story challenge of course is off to a slow start. And that’s okay. The clock starts ticking when I turn in the first story. If I don’t turn one in this week, at least I’ll have a science fiction story to submit into the market, and…… Continue reading off to a slow start

took a weekend off

Weirdly enough, I didn’t write any fiction this weekend. So I had a 20 day streak of every day fiction writing. Nothing awful happened. World didn’t come to an end. Just had something come up that made being creative difficult. Now I’m back to normal again. Not worried about lost time or anything. So naturally…… Continue reading took a weekend off

the value of critique

Another late start with writing last night. Put in 400 words on “The Ghost, the Vampire, and the Jock.” It’s about 9,000 words total at the moment and still feels like I’m in the early stages of the book. And really, I can’t say much with what the book is about, because I have no…… Continue reading the value of critique

sure why not?

This is how streaks go for me. I sucker myself into going for a week. Then if I went for seven days, why not make it an even ten? If I can do a ten day streak of something, why not twenty? And it goes on from there…. I’m not real hung up about having…… Continue reading sure why not?