Friday Morning Pages: Time Management

Another topic from my days as a regional ML for National Novel Writing Month. It was specifically geared towards helping people in November, but the concepts apply to year-round writing as well. Time management is the same, whatever time of year.

Myths abound regarding writers and the writing craft. I wish to squash two myths that pertain specifically to Nano.

Friday Morning Pages: Organization

Nothing wrong with jumping into a novel head first, without preparation or research or even character ideas. However, it helps to be organized. Writing a novel—especially a first novel—is messy by nature. Here are some methods that you may find useful.

Friday Morning Pages: Attitude

In 2016, I wrote eight weekly short essays about writing for my National Novel Writing Month region. They focus on practical advice for the aspiring novelist during November, with topics like attitude, time management, writing scenes, and finding the end. Over the next eight weeks I’ll republish the essays to my blog, for everyone to…… Continue reading Friday Morning Pages: Attitude

Friday Morning Page: What You Wanna Do?

After I left college for the first time, I had spent a lot of years defining myself as an intellectual, but none of that time of deep thinking helped me figure what I wanted to do in life. I’d been rejected from grad school some half dozen times, and eventually decided I didn’t really want a PhD. Job interviews didn’t go over well, because I couldn’t convince anybody I was serious about any one career path.