Tuesday Fiction: On Rabbits, Holes, & Shivs

In Albion's Trial - an MMO game where players plug their brains directly into the server - members of the Rabid Squirrels Guild work together as friends to find the best loot, defeat the toughest monsters, and brave the darkest dungeons. Ormusen and Kalati hunt the Dire White Rabbit. The pesky, rare monster can run... but what is down the bunny hole? Adventure, absurd encounters, and sexual innuendo abound as the two friends dive head first into trouble!

Tuesday Fiction: The Silent Yearning of the Bijounonc

Thief Brin Callahan has found a sort-of grace on a new planet, away from the dangerous lifestyle she once lived. But that grace is interrupted by an unwanted visit from a police officer. Not all is as it seems when he hands her a ring that contains a silent alien life. Brin's curiosity and need for adventure get the best of her, and soon she finds herself in the middle of a scheme beyond her control.