Friday Morning Pages: Getting Started with Practice

Mystery writer John D. McDonald has a famous quote (paraphrasing a bit): You have a million words of crap in you before you can write a publishable novel. The more stories I write, the more I see how true this is. When I first started, I couldn’t plot my way out of a paper bag. I knew jack about character development. I had no grasp of voice, or setting, or pacing. Don’t tell the younger-me any of that.


Day four of retyping StarCraft: Speed of Darkness by Tracy Hickman. Oddly, even though it's not my book, I am hitting the middle-of-the-story blues in writing it. Worked three sessions today. So far, still on track to make my ten-day deadline. Word count: 3,969... total: 22,384 Hours: 3... total: 16