2016 in Review

This year, I wrote a little over 230,000 words in fiction, non-fiction, and journaling. The figure might be a little higher, because my record keeping system was crap for much of the year, so I think some titles didn’t counted properly. I had no word count goal for the year, so even though I feel like I could’ve done more, 230k is a win.

Friday Morning Pages: Attitude

In 2016, I wrote eight weekly short essays about writing for my National Novel Writing Month region. They focus on practical advice for the aspiring novelist during November, with topics like attitude, time management, writing scenes, and finding the end. Over the next eight weeks I’ll republish the essays to my blog, for everyone to…… Continue reading Friday Morning Pages: Attitude

Friday Morning Page: What You Wanna Do?

After I left college for the first time, I had spent a lot of years defining myself as an intellectual, but none of that time of deep thinking helped me figure what I wanted to do in life. I’d been rejected from grad school some half dozen times, and eventually decided I didn’t really want a PhD. Job interviews didn’t go over well, because I couldn’t convince anybody I was serious about any one career path.

2017 Short Story Challenge

I’ve been bitching to people lately that I want to write more fantasy and science fiction. I’m far from bored with the stories I have been writing, but definitely something is missing. And I want to be more productive. So here’s the new challenge: Post a short story to this blog every Tuesday in 2017.…… Continue reading 2017 Short Story Challenge

Goodbye 2014!

Lots and lots of changes in the last year. I’m both pleased and disappointed in what I’ve accomplished. I learned a lot, but had many missed opportunities to do so much more. I feel I’ve gone from learning how to write, to learning how to be a storyteller. Huge world of difference. If you don’t…… Continue reading Goodbye 2014!