The DIY Journal: Practice

So far, I’ve outlined and partially written three DIY Journal entries. The file names are called “Paths”, “Productivity”, and “Strategy” — to give you an idea of what topics have been going through my mind. What’s holding back these entries is pretty simple and lame at the same time: I don’t feel like I’m qualified…… Continue reading The DIY Journal: Practice

Year in Review: 2013

Overall, 2013 was a productive year for me though I missed a number of goals and opportunities. In 2012 I wrote between 100,000 and 150,000 words (estimating). This year I have 209,000 approximately, out of a 400,000 goal. So not bad, but definite room for improvement. I produced two new e-book titles, out of a…… Continue reading Year in Review: 2013

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simply awesome

Tales from the Square is on hold for the moment. My apologies to anyone reading it (all three of you). If things go right, I’ll get back on track with the novel next week. I’ve completed one full cycle of Heinlein’s rules today. I uploaded The Sage River’s Grave Return to all the major retailers now…… Continue reading simply awesome

stupid vampires, get lost

So the latest thing that’s tripping me up in the Tales from the Square novel is Chapter 9: Mistake. Brin’s at the Red Mistake Club and… it’s owned by vampires. Maybe… But really? Werewolves AND vampires? No. Just fuck no. Then the vamps morphed into genetically engineered cannibals with big teeth. But that still sounded…… Continue reading stupid vampires, get lost

The Sword Eater

Damian the sword eater died every ten minutes, each death vivid in horrible detail and oddly serene as he blacked out and started over again. A thousand spectators crowded the wooden bleachers under the big top, rounds of applause and gasps of amazement replaced by screams of horror. The first time had been an accident…… Continue reading The Sword Eater