Friday Morning Pages: Depth

Again, this was originally written with the National Novel Writing Month audience in mind, but the technique is important. In fact, I’d argue depth is the most important trick every fiction writer must learn. Learn how to add depth, and your fiction will become more vibrant and colorful.

Friday Morning Pages: Organization

Nothing wrong with jumping into a novel head first, without preparation or research or even character ideas. However, it helps to be organized. Writing a novel—especially a first novel—is messy by nature. Here are some methods that you may find useful.

Friday Morning Pages: Attitude

In 2016, I wrote eight weekly short essays about writing for my National Novel Writing Month region. They focus on practical advice for the aspiring novelist during November, with topics like attitude, time management, writing scenes, and finding the end. Over the next eight weeks I’ll republish the essays to my blog, for everyone to…… Continue reading Friday Morning Pages: Attitude