stupid vampires, get lost

So the latest thing that’s tripping me up in the Tales from the Square novel is Chapter 9: Mistake. Brin’s at the Red Mistake Club and… it’s owned by vampires. Maybe… But really? Werewolves AND vampires?


Just fuck no.

Then the vamps morphed into genetically engineered cannibals with big teeth. But that still sounded like vampires to my subconscious. (Although, an underground society of cannibals sounds like something Brin might get entangled with.)

So I put the novel aside yesterday and took out “The Sage River’s Grave Return”. I wrangled that story to near the climax and … BOOM!

In the French variation of Little Red Riding Hood (I’m loosely basing the novel on the German version) the color red has a scandalous metaphorical meaning. Now I know what the Red Mistake Club is. No more vampires.

My subconscious is happy once again.

I’ll shooting to finish “The Sage River’s Grave Return” tonight and have that ready to post. Tomorrow I plan to get back on track and have Mistake ready soon.

By David Anthony Brown

Indie writer and publisher. Among other jack-of-all-trade skills...

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